AmRad Engineering

AmRad Engineering is a leading manufacturer in the capacitor industry, supplying to both major OEM's (such a Rheem, Goodman, Whirlpool, Friedrich, Frigidaire, etc.), and to the HVAC after-market.


Universal Turbo Capacitors

The world's first universal line of multiple tapped, oil-filled, metal can, motor-run and motor-start capacitors, eliminating the need to inventory more than 200 individual single or dual value capacitors with a voltage rating up to 440 VAC.

USA Made Capacitors

• Made and assembled in Palm Coast, FL • Manufactured by American Radionics, the manufacturers of Turbo products • All USA capacitors are 370/440 single and dual voltage • Backed by a 5 year warranty vs. typical one year warranty provided by other manufacturers • Each capacitor is tested multiple times throughout the manufacturing process • Oil-filled with a patented non-pcb oil • 10,000 AFC protected • UL 810 approved • OEM approved