LA-CO has led the way in plumbing chemicals for 75 years. The product offering has broadened to feature an array of application-specific thread sealants, soldering fluxes, repair sealants, specialty chemical products and marking products. LA-CO products are sold around the world through a network of 6,500 distributors in the U.S. and 25 foreign countries. With the development of unique specialty chemical products that meet demanding industrial applications, the LA-CO and Markal brands have become the leaders in the industries they serve.


Cool GelĀ® Heat Barrier Spray

Helps protect rubber, plastic, distortion, painted, and finished surfaces during soldering, brazing or welding.

Slic-titeĀ® Paste with PTFE

Premium thread sealant for sealing water, air, steam, natural gas, LP gas, refrigerants, ammonia, gasoline and oil on metal, PVC, CPVC, and ABS plastic pipe threads.