Cool Air Products

New Cool Air Coil Cleaner Tablets save space, time, and effort by removing the need to carry gallons of cleaning solution. One Acid, Alkaline, or Evo Tablet dissolve in one gallon of water in as fast as 10 minutes.  AC SmartSealâ„¢ is a revolutionary product that travels with any refrigerant to seek out leaks in cooling systems. This product is ideal for direct pinhole repairs and the prevention of refrigerant leaks. The non-clogging, polymer free formula is proven and engineered for harsh and vibrating conditions.

Product Details

Catalog Number Description Case Quantity
1221 ALKALINE Tabs - Cleaner for Condenser 12
410 Smart Shot Cool Enhancer w/ 1/4" & 5/16" Adapters 20
333 AC SmartSeal Adapter Hose 1