Single Capacitance (Oval Can)


Capacitors made in the USA, featuring rust-free brass terminals, a 5-year warranty, and the CPT terminal (Compressor Protector Terminal) *CPT terminal available on select USA capacitors with 40+ MFD single and all dual values.*


*Each capacitor is individually tested and labeled with exact MFD ratings, along with being UL/CSA recognized.*

USA Made Capacitors


• Made in the USA

• Manufactured in Palm Coast, Florida

• 370/440 V single and dual capacitance

• 5-Year Warranty

• Individually tested and labeled with exact MFD rating at completion of manufacturing

• Filled with a thick non-PCB dielectric fluid to reduce heat

• Rust-free all brass terminals

•UL/CSA Recognized

• ROHS 3 compliant

• OEM approved

• The ONLY motor-run capacitors with CPT®

CPT – Compressor Protector Terminal

CPT® acts as a kill switch between the hard-start and compressor in the event of a failed run capacitor; preventing damage and possible compressor failure.

The ONLY True Compressor Protectors

Use in conjunction with CPT® Fuse Wire on AmRad’s universal hard-start kits to ensure the best compressor protection

Although AmRad capacitors have an extremely low failure rate, the CPT® has been introduced to ensure American consumers are always protected.